1. Line 3 Life: Tiffani’s Story + Mission

January 1, 2021

Learn more about the woman behind the screen and why she does it

6. The big 3 of the human design system
1. Line 3 life: Tiffani's story + mission
4. rage against the human design machine
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I'm tiffani!

I help entrepreneurs build business models & marketing plans that get them where they want to go, the easy way, using Human Design.


Let's Make Business Easy for Everyone

why yes i do

Do you want to learn how to use Human Design in your service-based business?

Welcome to the premiere episode of the Seen and Sold podcast! Get to know your host Tiffani Purdy, a serial entrepreneur and Human Design expert. 

She shares her career and entrepreneurial journey and how she found her way to Human Design. Tiffani’s vision is to help other people take their biggest dreams from point A to B with ease. 

Inside this episode
[0:33] Intro
[2:02] Tiffani narrates how she went from employee to freelancer to business owner. 
[9:55] How she pivoted into coaching and found astrology and Human Design.
[11:53] Helping people recognize their success blocks, plus writing a book! 
[13:13] She talks about The ENRICH Formula™, where she teaches people Human design, Astrology, and NLP.
[16:31] Why she teaches people Human Design. 

Relevant Links
Website: https://newparadigmbizbestie.com/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humandesignwithtiffani/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/seenandsold 

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I'm Tiffani, your new biz bestie

After six years in entrepreneurship and four years studying Human Design, I'm here to help you see how you can make it so much easier (and more fun!) to do this business thing online.

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