Human Design

4. Rage Against the Human Design Machine

January 1, 2021

Get ready for some controversial thoughts about traditional Human Design and what Tiffani hopes to see for the future of HD

6. The big 3 of the human design system
1. Line 3 life: Tiffani's story + mission
4. rage against the human design machine
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Do you want to learn how to use Human Design in your service-based business?

The Human Design world has two clear sides. Which side will you choose?

In this episode of the Seen and Sold podcast, Tiffani gives her raw perspective on the Human Design organization and their efforts to deny access to information they claim is theirs. Listen in to learn the history of Human Design, the languages that come together to form the system, and why the claim of ownership of the HDS is a form of cultural appropriation.

Inside this Episode

[0:28] Intro 

[2:33] Why Human Design is not an original idea, and its representation by Jovian Archive.

[4:17] Understanding the five languages of Human Design; I Ching, astrology, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, Kabbalah tree of life, and quantum mechanics. 

[7:42] Why Human Design as an organization has become cult-like and keeps people from exploring this valuable information.

[11:00] The distasteful Jovian Archive letter that is part scare tactic, part sales pitch.

[16:11] The Italian case ruled in the favor of the people, and what that means for everyday Human Design teachers.

[17:54] Why not everyone needs to know all the mechanics of their Human Design. 

[21:58] Learn how to trust your intuition as you follow Human Design information.

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