Human Design

6. The Big 3 of the Human Design System

January 1, 2021

There’s a loooot to know about Human Design, but these are the 3 most important pieces of info to know!

6. The big 3 of the human design system
1. Line 3 life: Tiffani's story + mission
4. rage against the human design machine
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Do you want to learn how to use Human Design in your service-based business?

Knowing yourself completely not only gives you personal power, but also the confidence to find your direction without caring what others say. 

In this episode of the Seen and Sold podcast, Tiffani explains the three most important things you should know about the Human Design System, if nothing else. Listen in to learn about the Type, Strategy, and Authority in Human Design and how they help you know and understand yourself. 

Inside this episode:

[1:22] Intro 

[2:53] Understanding why your Human Design System is a ‘user’s menu’ to your body and mind.

[4:28] Understanding your Type and the five groups of each Type that exist in the population.

[7:34] The meaning of Strategy and how it corresponds to each Type.

[10:24] The seven Authorities in the Human Design System and the Type each belongs to.

[17:44] How knowing your Type, Strategy, and Authority will give you personal power and confidence.  

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