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Building your online business might seem overwhelming – with seemingly endless tasks on your to-do list – when you're not really seeing the ROI yet. But what if the key isn't another certification or raising your rates... what if it's as simple as getting to know yourself better? I'll teach you how to do business the easy way, your way, by leveraging your Human Design.

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One of life's biggest questions... "Why am I here?" With Human Design, it's easy to see why you're here, where you're going, and who you can help. Talk about a sweet shortcut to writing your bio statements & identifying ideal client!

How to Find Your Purpose

How to Do Biz Your Way

Spoiler alert: We are all built completely different. If you're still following your favorite Instagrammer's strategy for success and feel like you're going nowhere, it's time to do it your way.

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How to Create More Abundance

This buzzword is often attached to financial riches, but that's just one form of abundance. Learn how to access your unique manifestation style to create a life and business you truly love.

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The Library

Are you interested in how to read your own Human Design chart to be a healthier, more abundant entrepreneur? Get a new masterclass (+access to the masterclass library!) every month inside The Library Membership

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The ENRICH Formula™

Are you a 1:1 service provider who wants to learn how to use Human Design to improve your client experience? Join the highly-acclaimed program that teaches you how

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The Lab

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to learn the easiest way of getting from A to B? Get Tiffani's support & strategy in this high touch 12-month Accelerator program

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"I just booked my 100th HD reading since going thru the beta round. I've now made over 40K from my HD work!"


made $40k in 5 months


"I have (now 33.9k!) followers on TikTok and my vid hit 2.2 million! Also speaking at a dope conference soon"


leveraged her design to go viral


"I just finished delivering a 4 hour virtual retreat. I know it was so valuable to them and will charge more next time!"


taught HD at a corporate retreat


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I love working with entrepreneurs who have big visions and big hearts for service. If that's you and you're ready to do what it takes to build your empire with my support, take a look at my Accelerator program

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