It's time to adopt a more unique approach to service.

It's time to adopt a more unique approach to service.

Learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to start coaching, consulting, or providing creative/professional services for your clients with Human Design – no matter what niche you're in.

wouldn't it be great if your clients came with instruction manuals?


Imagine being able to immediately zero in on your clients’ strengths and opportunities for massive growth.

Imagine being able to see how they learn, how they emotionally respond, how they “work,” how they make their best decisions, how they recall information, how they express themselves – and even more than that – in just a glance.

Imagine being able to confidently help them create energetically aligned goals and plans of action because you can see the circuitry of their body’s natural flow.

Welcome to
The ENRICH Formula™

It's time to make business personal!

Because it's not about the volume of information you can dump on them that will change their lives. It's being able to access that information, so you can better guide them for who they are.

You don’t have to be a Level-10 expert to start using Human Design to help you help your clients ASAP.

And even better – you won’t have to worry about teaching it to them, either.

but guess what...

An intensive two-week experience designed to teach you everything you need to know to start coaching clients with Human Design, Astrology, & NLP – in any niche.


The ENRICH Formula™

You’ll learn more than enough to be able to give someone an adequate “Reading,” but you’ll also be equipped with a proven method that can help you apply Human Design to your coaching client calls to guide them through targeted shifts and create responsible goals.

Unlike most programs similar to ENRICH, you’re not expected to do it on your own. Every month, all ENRICH students are invited to attend an Office Hours Call held by an ENRICH Facilitator, so you can ask all your questions and get in-the-moment support.

Here's What You Learn:

Human Design + NLP

Ongoing Guidance

the method

the support

Most programs you’ll invest in will deliver the information and then send you on your merry way. Not ENRICH. You’ll get to see lots of different ways you can apply what you’re learning here to real life coaching situations you’ll encounter in the world, so you know what to do with what you’re learning.

Real Life Scenarios

The application

Trying to learn Human Design can be overwhelming, hard to access, and sometimes just plain unintelligible. In ENRICH, you’ll be learning from a human, in a relatable, down-to-earth language, with an approach that’s designed to make sure you actually digest what you’re trying to learn.

Human Design, in plain English

the approach

the enrich formula™ is the first of its kind

Learn the basics of Human Design in a simple, applicable approach

What if it gets to be easy?

Understand how to use the information, not just deliver it



here's what happens when students enroll:

Know your purpose, your mission, and who you're here to serve


Create a business plan that fits your ideal life, not the other way around


Implement a marketing strategy that fits your energetic body



How It Works

Navigate the BodyGraph, learn the easiest way to read a birth chart, & get a basic background in neuro-linguistic programming


Know the difference between READING and COACHING / STRATEGIZING, and how to help your clients with Human Design


Learn who needs you most & how to position yourself, and map out a One Year Plan that will help you reach your goals


Tiffani Purdy

Tiffani is your teacher for this experience! She created The ENRICH Formula™ in April 2020 and has gone on to teach hundreds since then.


Emily Miller

community manager

Emily joined Team Tiffani in October 2020 as our Community Manager. She is here to support you with all the "mom" things, like admin, billing, and cheering you on.

meet the team!

Christa Timil Keyes

Christa joined Team Tiffani in October 2020 as our Lead ENRICH Facilitator. You'll get to meet her and get her HD insights in Slack & on Office Hours Calls.


"I just booked my 100th HD reading since going thru the beta round. I've now made over 40K from my HD work!"


made $40k in 5 months


"I have (now 41.9k!) followers on TikTok and my vid hit 2.2 million! Also speaking at a dope conference soon"


leveraged her design to go viral


"I just finished delivering a 4 hour virtual retreat. I know it was so valuable to them and will charge more next time!"


taught HD at a corporate retreat


real results

"Tiffani made HD easy to understand. The experience was like spreading frosting on a cake,

smooth and easy, and each time I took a taste I wanted more and more. Who does not love BUTTER CREAM… that is exactly how I felt about Tiffani’s class, ENRICH. I wanted more and more, and was energized each day after class."


attended 3 facilitations

A few words from our alums:

"I had more impact with my clients in 3 months than I had in the last year."

"I excitedly saved up to take ENRICH after learning for months about my Human Design from Tiffani's HD courses. Since taking Enrich, I have created 3 new programs, a membership group, and several digital downloads of Human Design centered art."


expanded her whole business model

"I'm feeling just SO proud of doing ALL of this, along with being pregnant."

"I've been taking in the content at my own pace, being pregnant while also implementing all of this in my business. Over the past week I've completed two of my final branding projects prior to maternity leave and today I released a devotional that I've been working on this whole trimester along with my infuse moon bathed body oil. Shout out to this program for helping me stay 100% aligned with my design in order to accomplish so much!"


got in flow, while pregnant

So rather than putting together a program that spoon feeds people more and more esoteric lingo and mechanical information – I chose to respond to what people have been asking for, finally.

As the Scientist myself, I’ve done the research and the testing, and I’m coming to you here, now, with my findings.

I created The ENRICH Formula™ for every client, student, and follower who has ever asked me: “How do you actually know what to do with the information you see in the BodyGraph?”

It's time to make it easier.

Have a basic background in Human Design, Astrology, NLP – and a simple process to apply it all

Know how to use and apply information from your clients' HD without having to teach it to them

Be able to use your own HD to write a clear bio statement & speak to your ideal client

Have the opportunity to demonstrate what you've learned & strengthen your skills

Understand how to use your own chart to create a personal marketing strategy

Learn how to build a sustainable business model for your zone of genius

By the end of this program, you will...


Enroll in the program now!


paid in full


6 monthly payments

The ENRICH program helped me better understand Human Design and create a solid structure for using it in my business. It was well-crafted, need-to-know information using expertly curated tools.

— Stacee M.

"Tiffani is an amazing teacher!"

I absolutely love the way Tiffani teaches it so that even a five-year-old would be able to understand it.

"I went into the class as a beginner and finished feeling confident"

— stefanie B.

This has been such a fun learning experience and has honestly given me so much excitement to coach.

"I'm going to help so many people thanks to Tiffani"

— Raechelle r.

I'm Tiffani, Your Teacher & New Paradigm Biz Bestie

I can’t wait to break down all of this information for you in an easy-to-understand approach, and how to add your own flavor to it and make it all your own.

more about me

hey there!

ENRICH is the synthesis of...

💛 3 years living in the Human Design experiment and coaching others with the same tool

💛 4 years coaching others with therapeutic methods and NLP

💛 6 years creating my own income online

💛 31 years of resilience and general badassery

i took everything i've learned through trial-and-error (as a good line 3 does!) to figure out what it takes to build a successful service-based business using human design, and packaged it up here for you.

Created in true Mani Gen fashion

keep learning with future content

Plan based on your energetic design

GROW with people all around the world

more confidence in your purpose

You + ENRICH = Success

If you’ve invested all this time and energy on this sales page so far, you owe it to yourself to answer a few questions:

What if just one concept inside ENRICH…
...changes everything about the way you see and serve your clients?

What if just one technique you learn in ENRICH…
...helps you reach dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of dream clients?

What if just one perspective inside ENRICH…
...transforms the way you see yourself, as a human being and a leader?

This      for you if:

you're starting or pivoting your biz

you want a super-in-depth study of human design mechanics

you're already successful & want to add human design to your toolbelt

You'd rather not add more tools to your toolkit right now

You know a little about HD already but want a more supportive approach

It's probably          for you if...

you're not willing to practice with the material independently



It's probably
for you if...

You learn best through demonstration

you want to join a program that grows with you

You want to be part of a new paradigm hd community

You're a perfectionist & expect to master things immediately

You want something self-led that you can take once and be done with it

You want old school, traditional human design education

This two-week experience will change your entire life and business.

Let's get this party started!

Enroll in the program now!


paid in full


6 monthly payments

I'm a total newbie & don't have a business yet. Can ENRICH help?

I won’t sugarcoat it for you – if you’re at the beginning of your online business career, you’ll have to put the work in. It would be nice if we could just create an offer, post about it on our Instagram a couple of times, and have people lining up to buy from us and receive our gifts… but that’s not really how this works. Don’t worry, though. ENRICH is here to show you exactly what to do, from the very beginning. (Frankly, ENRICH is the program I wish was available when I got started!)

You've Got Q's, I've Got A's!

What's the difference between the Course and the Live class?

At this time, the Live program is no longer available. All students who've previously enrolled in the Live edition, as well as all students enrolling in the Course (self-led edition), get access to the monthly Office Hours call hosted by one of our ENRICH Facilitators – and if there ARE future 2-week Live facilitations planned in the future, you'll be the first to know and get an invite.

What if I'm not a coach? Is ENRICH still for me?

In the beginning, I created ENRICH for coaches (of all kinds!) – but as rounds continued to unfold, we also welcomed in many graphic designers, branding specialists, marketing strategists, healers, and many more service providers who wanted to learn how to see their clients as truly unique individuals. If that's you, then you're in the right place!

Do you offer refunds for The ENRICH Formula™?

Due to the nature of this program and its delivery process, there are no refunds offered for ENRICH. I’ve designed this program to be as easy to access, understand, process, and use as possible – but it only works if you show up for class or commit to watching the replays on-demand in your Student Dashboard. If you’re not ready to do that, I suggest you wait to invest in ENRICH until you ARE ready.


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